This is where the slick photos of military jets come from

The Washington Post:

Like other fighter jet manufacturers, Lockheed Martin has a team of photographers and videographers to record images of the planes it produces. They pose them at dawn and dusk, against mountains and over oceans.

Photographers such as Liz Kaszynski chase the jets in trail planes, documenting test flights and training missions—at high speed and altitude. But at other times, she calls the shots, a director with a camera, calling for a barrel roll here, a dive there, all documented in a sequence of prepared moves.

Wow. Talk about a photographic dream job!

F-22 Raptors at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. (Source: Lockheed Martin)

Manual for iPhone

One of the huge advantages DSLRs and many point and shoots have over the iPhone or other smartphones is the ability to adjust, manipulate and control Shutter, ISO, White Balance, Focus and Exposure Bracketing.

In the latest iOS update, Apple has allowed developers access to those abilities of the iPhone and we are starting to see apps take advantage of them.

Manual from Little Pixels (affiliate link) is just such an app. It has the advantage of having a funny video to go along with it:

Behind the Scenes of a Fiat Ad

Behind the Scenes of a Fiat Ad:

Dave Hill and crew have put together a behind the scenes documentary video to showcase their latest collaboration with Fiat for a unique four concept ad in Vanity Fair. Watch as they break down the concepts and show you in detail the amount of work and production that went into each image!

I love watching these behind the scenes videos of photo shoots. The work that goes into them is amazing and at a level of photography I will never reach, let alone aspire to.

Worst Photography YouTube video I’ve ever seen

As I prepare for the Starting Point Photography “Photography Secrets Revealed!” classes, I’m doing a lot of research, reading a lot of web sites and watching a lot of video.

I can confidently say, this video:

Is the absolute worst I’ve ever seen.

All you have to do is watch through the 15 second mark and you will literally shake your head in amazement.

This is the EXACT same video as our original “Aperture Shutter Speed and ISO, Photography 101” video with 621,314 views and counting!!! Just a better quality version of the video.

I’ve seen their previous version and trust me, it’s even more awful than this one.

But make no mistake, even this one is spectacular in its awfulness.

Nikon D4s vs. Canon 1D X – Which one is better?

“Nikon D4s vs. Canon 1D X – Which one is better?”

You know how people argue Ford vs Chevy? Ferrari vs Lamborghini? Mac vs PC? iPhone vs Android?

Camera pros will *always* argue over Canon vs Nikon.

In this video, DigitalRev TV pits the high end Canon against the high end Nikon. These are $7,000 cameras most of us will never lay our hands on let along shoot with.

But we can all dream….

5 reasons cheap kit lenses are best first lenses

5 Reasons Cheap Kit Lenses Are Best First Lenses
First of all, I love these videos from DigitalRev TV. Sly, irreverent, down to earth and informative.

Now that the fan boy stuff is out of the way, his comments about kit lenses (the usually cheaply made lens that comes with a DSLR) are true.

I tell beginners to learn to use their kit lens before they go out and spend all kinds of money on newer, fancier and frankly, better lenses.

Even though a newer lens will (usually) be better, if you don’t know how to shoot with a DSLR, the world’s greatest lens (or camera body) won’t help.

Save your money and spend it on things that help you learn to be a better photographer – like an online class or two taught be a funny, entertaining and informative teacher.