Behind the Scenes of a Fiat Ad

Behind the Scenes of a Fiat Ad:

Dave Hill and crew have put together a behind the scenes documentary video to showcase their latest collaboration with Fiat for a unique four concept ad in Vanity Fair. Watch as they break down the concepts and show you in detail the amount of work and production that went into each image!

I love watching these behind the scenes videos of photo shoots. The work that goes into them is amazing and at a level of photography I will never reach, let alone aspire to.

Looking Back at the Photo I Regret Taking

Looking Back at the Photo I Regret Taking:

I typed the title for this article hours ago. After typing it, I spent an hour answering emails, having a snack, watching a little TV, and checking up on friends and family in Israel. For a full hour after all of that, I stared at a blinking cursor. Taunting me. Vexing me. Daring me to write something meaningful. My wife just came into the office to see if I needed anything. She read the title from over my shoulder and asked, “Don’t you mean the photo you regret NOT taking?”

It’s a valid question. After all, in a world where I at least have my iPhone with me all the time, there is always a camera at hand. It may not always be a perfect shot, but I shouldn’t have too many regrets about photos not taken. “No, the title is right. It’s about the photo I regret taking.”

“This should be interesting,” she said, pulling up a chair. “Tell me about it.”

This is a very interesting story (but ignore the comment section). Like many of us, I’ve regretted not taking many photos but I’ve luckily never been in a situation where I regretted actually taking one.

What are your thoughts on this story? Is the photographer correct in “beating himself up” over the photo? Have you ever taken a shot you regretted later?

Curated Connections: A new Flickr licensing experience

Flickr Blog:

Today we are excited to introduce a new way for you to partner with photo agencies, editors, bloggers and other creative minds who are seeking original content like yours. Our curatorial team will provide assistance, outreach and connectivity to help you get your photos licensed!

Getting discovered for creative opportunities is as easy as being a Flickr member and uploading the photos you love.

If you have a Flickr account (and you should if only because it’s free and they offer a TERABYTE of space), you might as well sign up. You never know when you might get “discovered”.

“Analyze This” by Rick Sammon

Rick Sammon:

When I give a workshop, seminar or Godfatherly Advice session, I am often asked, “What makes a photograph a good photograph?” A good question for sure.

I think this photograph, which I took in Llanrwst, Conwy Valley, North Wales, is a good photograph. The colors correspond to my reasoning.

A “good photograph” is good for a reason. Figure out why your photos are good (or bad) and learn from it.

Art Prints by Shawn King on Society6

Check out “Art Prints by Shawn King on Society6”.

A photographer friend of mine, Eric Cheng, turned me on to this web site that allows you to upload your images and have friends, family and complete strangers buy your artwork. I thought I’d give it a go.

The “artist” doesn’t make a ton of money (about 10% of the sale price in my case – the artists sets the profit margin) but it’s a way to perhaps make a little bit of cash off of images that you weren’t selling anyways.

The other fun thing about it while the images can be purchased as typical prints, either framed or unframed, some of them can also be posted by the artist as coffee mugs, iPhone/iPad cases, even shower curtains. 🙂

They are offering FREE Worldwide Shipping + $5 Off New Biker Tanks when you order before July 13, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time (excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases, Throw Pillows with inserts and Rugs).

Let me know what you think.

What I saw, what she saw…

My friend Paul Sahner is a great designer. He also does this really cool web site called “NYC Grid – Before & After Series”, where he wanders around New York City recreating particular old images.

I loved the interactive slider he used but I’m not smart enough to figure out the javascript side of things. So I went looking for a simple WordPress plugin that would create the same effect. I found “TwentyTwenty” that does pretty much what I’m looking for!

Dragon Boats and Scandinavians

Fun weekend of shooting before I head out to Halifax next weekend to teach the “Photography Secrets Revealed!” seminar (tix are still available!).

On Saturday, we went down to False Creek to watch the “Dragon Boat Festival” – which turned out to be all kinds of lame and not anything like what I remember it from my last time in Vancouver. Very disappointing. Sadly, I didn’t get any decent shots of the actual boats or paddlers.

I did get some lovely shots (if I do say so myself) of one of the bands that played (in particular, as you can see, the trombonist) and a few of the gorgeous belly dancers.

Sunday was spent at the “Scandinavian Midsummer Festival” – I always thought “Scandinavia” comprised only Norway, Finland and Sweden. But Iceland and Denmark join that party, too. Ate Danish food (yummy), talked to Vikings and watched “wife carrying”. That’s a good day in anyone’s book. 🙂


2014’s “Italian Day” on Commercial Drive!

Commercial Drive here in Vancouver is my favourite street in the city – cool, funky vibe, multi-ethnic, lots of neat shops and restaurants and the centre of Italian culture in Vancouver.

Yesterday was the yearly “Italian Day on The Drive” cultural celebration. I went and took a *bunch* of photos!


[justified_image_grid only_for_logged_in=no retina_ready=yes wrap_text=yes limit=0 width_mode=responsive_fallback disable_mobile_hover=no mouse_disable=no error_checking=yes link_target=_blank developer_link=show flickr_user=111640776@N08 flickr_photoset=72157645045895526 flickr_link=yes flickr_caching=240 flickr_lightbox_set=no]

2014’s Italian Day album on Flickr.

Street Art that Interact with the Surroundings

Street artBored Panda:

It would seem to me like the most difficult part of creating works like these might be the fact that each must be created for a specific site or even temporary circumstance. You can’t just paint a stencil or art piece wherever you find a good spot. Their ability to think of these wonderful pieces also speaks to these artists’ wild imaginations – where we see a vine and a brick wall or a railing, these artists see the opportunity to create something that will make us think or make us smile.

Next time you’re out and about, look around you and try to imagine what kind of street art you would create if you could.

I love taking photos but…

I love helping people learn how to take their own shots even more.

You may have seen the photos I posted from the Bloedel Conservatory. I went with my friend Lesley who is not a photographer. She takes pics solely with her iPhone. I brought along my usual gear – my Nikon D600 with the 24-85mm f3.5-4.5 lens and the Olympus OM-D E-M1 with a 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 lens on it for her. I set the camera to Macro mode and showed her how to switch it to Auto if she wanted to. After five minutes of instruction, I turned her loose.

As expected, she took a lot of bad pictures. 🙂 But, once she got comfortable with the camera and with minimal further instruction from me, she took some wonderful pictures!

To be fair, some of the shots above may seem “soft”. I think that’s because the camera was shooting JPGs (I wasn’t sure how many pics she’d take so I wanted to save on file size) but even with that, the combination of the beautiful birds, her eye and the amazing EM-1 camera, she took some really good pics!

I think she’s considering buying a new camera now. 🙂

15 Famous Landmarks Zoomed Out Tell a Bigger Story


We’ve seen them in pictures and in guidebooks. The world’s most famous landmarks live in popular imagination in their idealized form, but it can be surprising to see them in person. While some landmarks can be even more awe-inspiring when you take in their natural surroundings, others have been swallowed up by sprawling cityscapes.

Here are 15 zoomed-out photos of famous landmarks around the world.

Interesting that, for whatever reason, they cheated on the photos of Niagara Falls – their zoomed in shot is of the American side but the zoomed out view is of the Canadian side.

Stock Photos that don’t Suck

Stock Photos that don’t Suck:

Finding great stock photos is a pain. You’re left with either low-res amateur photos, people wearing cheesy headsets, or photos that are out of budget for the project you’re working on. Here is an ongoing list (so bookmark it) of the best stock photo sites I’ve come across.

There are some great images included on these web sites.