More “For You” videos – Our Australian Wedding!

I posted the “Portraits of Melissa” a couple of days ago and here is the video the iOS 12 “For You” feature came up with for our wedding last December in Australia. I made a few tweaks to this one but it’s still damn good right out of the device.

More “For You” Videos – Our Australian Wedding! (portrait version)

More “For You” Videos – Our Australian Wedding! (landscape version)

“Portraits of Melissa”

I never used “Moments” from the iOS Photos app but, under iOS 12, “For You” pops up with these little videos now and again. I’m fairly impressed. Without me having named any of the pics or videos, the phone has identified my lovely wife and created this little video of her.

Watch the video all the way through. I included both the portrait and landscape orientations that Apple created. What I find really interesting is that it looks different and has a different “tone” and feel in landscape vs portrait mode. Landscape includes people and things to either side of Melissa that take the focus off of her.

The differences are especially notable in the last shot – in landscape mode, you can’t see the lower half of Melissa and can’t see she has a beer in her hand. 🙂

It’s also interesting that the software was “smart” enough to know to group all of our wedding shots together – the last 15 seconds of each segment are from our wedding in Australia last December.

PS: I had to edit some of the photos out because Melissa has “final cut” and she didn’t approve of some of my shots. 🙂

“Photo Tourism” in Lisbon, Portugal, March 23rd-30th, 2019

We are staying at the Tesouro da Baixa Boutique Guesthouse in Lisbon!



This is a workshop I call “Photo Tourism”. The idea is to go on the vacation you are already going on but go with a professional photographer (that would be me!) and learn how to take better photos as well.

We all carry a camera around with us – whether it’s on our phones or a dedicated device. But many people don’t know what makes for a good/great photo. They just click away and “hope it comes out”.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go some place and have a professional instructor teach you how to take good pictures and be at your beck and call to help you capture the shots you see – no matter what kind of camera you have?

Wouldn’t it be great to come back from vacation and have people actually *want* to see your vacation photos? Or to have images you can proudly have printed out and displayed on your walls or to give as gifts to family and friends?

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a beautiful place and learn, not only how to take pictures of that place, but to gain knowledge that will help you with every photo you take afterwards?

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Melissa and I (and Rory and Jasper!) were in Australia (Newcastle and Sydney) for most of December. We got (re)married and I got to meet some of her *amazing* family!

Click the image above to see the gallery on Flickr.

Image vs Video

Which is better? A still image or a video?

Well, it’s an impossible question to answer. A lot of it comes down to personal preference. But, in some cases, the difference is stark and obvious.

Many of you may have seen this lovely photo of First Lady Michelle Obama give President George W. Bush a hug at the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture on the weekend:

It’s a lovely photo, full of warmth, love and respect.

Today, a video from that same moment has been posted:

It’s a fascinating look at the differences in stance, emotion, feeling, result. Granted, our assumptions and knowledge of who these people are informs our opinions of the moment (would we feel differently if the two people involved were unknown to us?) but it’s still a very interesting example of the difference that can be had with a video vs a still image.

Images from Scott Kelby’s 8th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk on Granville Island

I was very happy to once again be a Walk Leader for the Scott Kelby 8th Annual Worldwide PhotoWalk. These events are always a lot of fun and the idea of shooting at the same (general) time as thousands of photographers around the world is very cool.

We had about 40 walkers joining me for the walk around Granville Island, one of the more photogenic areas of Vancouver.

While I didn’t shoot as much as I normally would (a large photo walk is like herding cats!), here are some shots from Saturday.

What good looking bunch of shooters!

My favorite face of the day:

One poor lonely shoe. There’s a small child limping around Granville Island right now.


I love the juxtaposition of the text on the left (“participants wanted”) and the young lady on the right *not* participating. 🙂





And this one is my favorite shot of the day!


Interview with The Campfire Project about iPhone Photography

I was happy to be asked to appear on The Campfire Project podcast with Chris Domico and Matt Dusenbury. In this episode, we had a conversation where we “look at how far photography, and the stories those pictures tell, have come – from specialized service to everyday occurrence.”

You can listen in to the podcast by clicking here.

Thanks very much to Matt and Chris for the invite to appear on their show!

Black and White on Granville St

Inspired by my friend Antonio Rosario’s black and white shots he’s posted on Facebook, I went out yesterday specifically to shoot in black and white.

I set my Nikon D600 to show me the images I took on the LCD viewfinder only in black and white. Like most things, it takes practice (I shot 500+ photos with only 16 “good enough” to post and only half of those were in B&W) but it was fun and made me think about what I was shooting and the lighting differently.

It will be a long time before I’m anywhere near as good as Tony but I like the exercise.

Granville St


Behind the Scenes of a Fiat Ad

Behind the Scenes of a Fiat Ad:

Dave Hill and crew have put together a behind the scenes documentary video to showcase their latest collaboration with Fiat for a unique four concept ad in Vanity Fair. Watch as they break down the concepts and show you in detail the amount of work and production that went into each image!

I love watching these behind the scenes videos of photo shoots. The work that goes into them is amazing and at a level of photography I will never reach, let alone aspire to.

Looking Back at the Photo I Regret Taking

Looking Back at the Photo I Regret Taking:

I typed the title for this article hours ago. After typing it, I spent an hour answering emails, having a snack, watching a little TV, and checking up on friends and family in Israel. For a full hour after all of that, I stared at a blinking cursor. Taunting me. Vexing me. Daring me to write something meaningful. My wife just came into the office to see if I needed anything. She read the title from over my shoulder and asked, “Don’t you mean the photo you regret NOT taking?”

It’s a valid question. After all, in a world where I at least have my iPhone with me all the time, there is always a camera at hand. It may not always be a perfect shot, but I shouldn’t have too many regrets about photos not taken. “No, the title is right. It’s about the photo I regret taking.”

“This should be interesting,” she said, pulling up a chair. “Tell me about it.”

This is a very interesting story (but ignore the comment section). Like many of us, I’ve regretted not taking many photos but I’ve luckily never been in a situation where I regretted actually taking one.

What are your thoughts on this story? Is the photographer correct in “beating himself up” over the photo? Have you ever taken a shot you regretted later?

Make a Parked Porsche look like it’s Racing

Porsche 917 Image Build
Make a Parked Porsche look like it’s Racing:

My goal for the image was to create one that would reflect what could have been that day at the racetrack if only the weather gods would have allowed it.

There’s so much amazing work going on with this image and it requires an incredible amount of skill but, I keep coming back to the fact that it’s a little scary that he can “manipulate reality” so well.

Worst Photography YouTube video I’ve ever seen

As I prepare for the Starting Point Photography “Photography Secrets Revealed!” classes, I’m doing a lot of research, reading a lot of web sites and watching a lot of video.

I can confidently say, this video:

Is the absolute worst I’ve ever seen.

All you have to do is watch through the 15 second mark and you will literally shake your head in amazement.

This is the EXACT same video as our original “Aperture Shutter Speed and ISO, Photography 101” video with 621,314 views and counting!!! Just a better quality version of the video.

I’ve seen their previous version and trust me, it’s even more awful than this one.

But make no mistake, even this one is spectacular in its awfulness.

Nova Scotia Trip

Went to my home town/province to teach the “Photography Secrets Revealed!” seminar and to visit family.

[justified_image_grid limit=0 flickr_user=111640776@N08 flickr_photoset=72157645057181259 flickr_caching=240 flickr_count=no flickr_description=above flickr_lightbox_set=yes]

Dragon Boats and Scandinavians

Fun weekend of shooting before I head out to Halifax next weekend to teach the “Photography Secrets Revealed!” seminar (tix are still available!).

On Saturday, we went down to False Creek to watch the “Dragon Boat Festival” – which turned out to be all kinds of lame and not anything like what I remember it from my last time in Vancouver. Very disappointing. Sadly, I didn’t get any decent shots of the actual boats or paddlers.

I did get some lovely shots (if I do say so myself) of one of the bands that played (in particular, as you can see, the trombonist) and a few of the gorgeous belly dancers.

Sunday was spent at the “Scandinavian Midsummer Festival” – I always thought “Scandinavia” comprised only Norway, Finland and Sweden. But Iceland and Denmark join that party, too. Ate Danish food (yummy), talked to Vikings and watched “wife carrying”. That’s a good day in anyone’s book. 🙂