“How to Become a Better Photographer”

One of the “Beginners Tips and Tricks” Class students is a Pro Photographer. When he told me he wanted to take the class I thought, “oh oh…he’s going to be a PITA…”

He was no such thing. Sandro was a wonderful student and I enjoyed having him in the class.

Unbeknownst to me, he also writes for The Mac Observer web site and has written an article on “How to Become a Better Photographer” I would encourage you to read, not the least of which because he does a review of the Starting Point Photography class he took and apparently liked it a lot! He says:

Shawn, who says he is not a professional photographer but a “professional explainer,” promises to make the next photograph you take better than the last one. I believe he delivers on this promise, and I believe that the $50 fee is reasonable considering the personalized and interactive aspects of the course.

Very kind and very appreciated words from Sandro.

Photographers howl at Amazon patent of decades-old idea


Photographers are hooting derisively at a patent Amazon won in 2014 for a photography lighting technique that’s been in use for decades, a patent that’s helped undermine the credibility of the patent system.

“Congratulations, Amazon,” Hobby said. “You managed to do what 1,000 tech writers couldn’t do: perfectly and clearly explain how insane the patent process is.”

Utterly idiotic Amazon applied for and the US Patent Office awarded this “patent”. Everyone should be embarrassed and the patent withdrawn immediately.